Monday, September 8, 2008

I am finally finished!!!!Thank the heavens! I know it has taken me forever and a day to finish my store but RL stuff came up and I had a really hard time deciding on the new look of Cashmere. There are allot of new things at the store now. I made sculpted heels in my usual bright colors which I hope you all will like. I also made highwaist skinny jeans and lowrise skinny jeans in an array of bright colors. Allot of you have been harassing me to do that for a while. I intended to make the highwaist jeans in more layers but I got lazy. I will get to it eventually. I have made several sculpted clutches in different patterns. I'm a clutch kind of girl but I will eventually make some bags. There are a few new outfits and everything is now separated. You no longer have to buy the whole outfit if you don't want to: ) The store has moved so your LMs are no longer good. You can just search for Cashmere in places. And don't forget to join the update group, I've released a few freebies so you guys should get them while they're hot.